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Identifying a Stalker

If you think you may have a Stalker, chances are you are probably right. But how can you be sure? What are the Warning Signs of a Stalker? Our team of Orlando Private Investigators has been working on Stalking & Harassment Investigations for years and has noticed the similarities in both the circumstances leading to and the warning signs of a stalker.

5 Warning Signs of a Stalker:

1 – Revenge for Failed Relationship, Business Deal or Competitor or Neighborhood Dispute. If someone is out for revenge and you have been in one of these situations, you are at a high risk for having a Stalker.

2- Obsession It’s sometimes cute at first, the person at work or at a coffee shop or restaurant. It’s obvious they really like you (but don’t have a chance)maybe they have asked you out and been let down or maybe they have never gathered the courage but are completely obsessed with you. Obsessors can be very dangerous and are often the hardest type of Stalker to catch. They are used to being unnoticed. If you start noticing these people in places “coincidentally” you may be dealing with a Stalker.

3- Surveillance Lets face it, there are thousands of websites and spy-shops where even amateurs can gain access to top quality hidden cameras, microphones and GPS trackers at dirt cheap prices. Covert Surveillance allows a Stalker to secretly spy on every private corner of your life from the shadows. Your bedroom, bathroom, car and anywhere else they can secretly monitor your activities and fulfill all of their creepy fantasies.

4- Hacking A skilled stalker can hack into your phones and computers and know virtually everything there is about you. have access to your calls, texts private photos along with personal & financial data.

5- The Tail This one is old school but still happens all the time and possibly the most dangerous. It’s when someone is actually following you, lurking in the shadows and watching your every move up close and personal.

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By: Matt Aubin

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