7 Signs He’s Cheating

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7 Signs He’s Cheating on You

As an Orlando private investigator, my team and I have solved thousands of Infidelity cases. Clients ask us all the time, “what are the most common signs he’s cheating?” There are literally thousands of articles and blogs titled “Signs He’s Cheating” and we found many of them to be inaccurate and written by people with no actually professional knowledge on the subject. Based on years of experience investigating Infidelity as an Orlando Private Investigator, I consider these 7 Signs He’s Cheating on you to be the most relevant & accurate:

Sudden Behavioral Change:
Often you can’t put your finger on it, usually it’s just a casual and discreet distance growing between you. Maybe he stops inviting you to certain outings and work events.

New Friends:
The development of new friendships (especially if you don’t know them) is usually one of the most obvious signs he’s cheating. It’s also very easy to make excuses and deflect when you ask about them (Signs he’s Cheating #1)Is this “Friend” the person he’s having an affair with, are they a cover for when he’s with someone else?

Sudden Need for Privacy:
A need for privacy is almost mandatory if having an affair and one of the most obvious signs he’s cheating. It could be privacy regarding his phone, computer, email or social media but a sudden need for privacy (especially in a marriage) is almost always an indicator that he has something to hide!

Change in Physical Appearance:
This is one of the most overlooked Signs he’s Cheating out of them all. Mainly because most spouses want their husband to get healthy and in shape. When he finally does, you are grateful and if he’s smart he will give you the credit! But a change in appearance can be more than just losing a few pounds or hitting the gym. Look for new clothes, haircut, hygiene or even how well he keeps his car. Any of these can be signs he;s cheating.

Change in Sexual Appetite:
This can really go either way, one of the most widely known signs he’s cheating is the loss of sexual appetite. Often assumed because he’s getting it somewhere else. But some men will do the opposite and even demonstrate “New Skills” or an increased sexual appetite. Most often it’s to cover up the known indicator of a loss of sexual intimacy.

Unexplained Disappearances:
These can be tricky as he can be very hard to conceal the affair. Some men do an excellent job of covering their tracks! You can’t always prove if they had to work late, or if the line at the barber was over an hour. But you can verify the mileage in their car! If the distance to the place he was supposed to be at differs from the amount of mileage actually on the odometer, then these are sure signs he’s cheating.

You Just Know something is wrong:
No one knows your partner better than you and your intuition is a better indicator than any of the remaining Signs he’s cheating! If you suspect your partner is cheating then you are usually right!

What if you’re seeing the Signs He’s Cheating?

If you have noticed any of the 7 Signs He’s Cheating and you need to know what to do next. First, let me say that it is very important that you do NOT attempt to confront him directly! Especially without real evidence! Confronting him will let him know you suspect him of cheating and it will actually give him an opportunity to better conceal the affair and cover his tracks in the future. The next step is to conduct an investigation to verify your suspicions and produce indisputable evidence.

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By: Matt Aubin

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7 Signs He’s Cheating on You Tampa


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