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There is simply no substitute for experience. Our team consists of well-trained, highly experienced professionals from all across the country. In addition to their extensive experience, all of our private investigators have the resources and professional backgrounds that guarantee the best possible results for your investigation.

Voted #1 Private Investigator in Both Orlando & Tampa

Customized for every case

No two cases are alike, so every private investigation we undertake is customized to meet the needs of each individual case. Regardless of how unique or difficult, the Southern Recon Agency investigation team has far-ranging experience to professionally handle your case.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Southern Recon Agency is a fully licensed investigative agency servicing, Tampa, Sarasota and all of Florida. Our agency license is A-1400197.

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Our leadership team:

Cultivating a culture of excellence.

Meet the dedicated professionals behind our ironclad commitment for providing the highest level of investigative services and outcomes.

Matt Aubin

Company Founder | Technical Security & Intelligence Services

Matt is a nationally renowned private investigator. He is an intelligence specialist who excels in detecting and preventing the illegal interception of communications, and in providing high-tech covert surveillance.

Through his many years of hands-on experience in the investigation industry, he has built a reputation for incorporating innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology in order to provide effective solutions for his clients.

Matt also serves as Treasurer for the Executive Board of Directors of The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI).

Matt’s qualifications include:

  • Technical Surveillance Specialist
  • Countermeasures Core Concepts Certification
  • Awarded #1 Private Investigator in Tampa 2015
  • Awarded #1 Private Investigator in 2015

  • FALI – Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
  • JAC Justice Administrative Commission
  • COMSEC (Communication Security)
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence)
  • FTER (Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery)
  • TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Technical Security Analyst
  • Member of FBI Infragard

Mark J. Aubin, J.D.

Corporate/Legal Investigations | In House Legal Counsel

Mark is head of corporate investigations and a practicing Attorney at Law. He has more than 17 years of experience in a wide variety of legal disciplines, including civil litigation, criminal law, family law, contracts, bankruptcy, probate and all manner of general business law. Mark also serves as General Legal Counsel for The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI), which represents close to 1,000 licensed investigators throughout the State of Florida.

Mark’s qualifications include:

  • NACA – National Association of Consumer Advocates
  • NACBA – National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • HCBA – Hillsborough County Bar Association
  • ABA – American Bar Association
  • FJA – Florida Justice Association
  • TSCM – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • TBTLA – Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association
  • FALI – Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
  • FAPM – Florida Academy of Professional Mediators
  • NACR – National Association of Conflict Resolution

Rick Garcia

Director of Surveillance & Investigations

Rick has more than 25 years of international experience as a private investigator, and is one of the country’s top experts in surveillance and counter surveillance. He has been trained and personally mentored by former FBI agents, U.S. Marshals, Israeli Intelligence officers and CIA agents.

  • Advanced Firearms and Tactical Engagement (AF2)
  • Active Shooter Scenarios
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
  • Church Events Protection
  • FALI – Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
  • TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Certified Security Consultant
  • FBI & CIA Training
  • Gate Keepers Certification
  • Dignitary Personal Protection
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Unsurpassed expertise in Cyber Investigation :

You can be confident that leading experts in the cyber investigations industry are assigned to your case. Our cyber investigators have extensive experience in cyber intelligence, fraud, cyber crime, money laundering, insider theft and espionage, computer forensics, forensic accounting, internet defamation, brand protection, copyright and trademark, data breaches, intellectual property theft, cyber security, penetration testing, corporate and executive threat intelligence. It’s experience you can count on.
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  • CPTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer
  • CDFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner
  • CEH Certified Ethical Hacker
  • ECSA Certified Security Analyst
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Southern Recon Agency is a fully licensed Investigative Agency servicing, Tampa, Sarasota and all of Florida. Our Agency License is A-1400197.

At SRA, we know every case is different and every private investigation is customized to meet the needs of your situation. Regardless of how unique or difficult, the SRA investigation team has the tools and experience to professionally handle your case. For a free consultation or to get started right away call us at 813-373-4181 or 407-900-4972 or email us at [email protected]

Awarded #1 Private Investigator in Orlando
They held my hand walked me through everything, and simply went above and beyond and communicated with me through the entire project.
Stephanie G., Orlando, FL
Appreciate the timeliness and professionalism with which the team approached my concerns and addressed my future needs. Will use again.
Erin B, Orlando, FL
Everything was handled professionally and with due diligence. Kept me up to date on all that was being done.
Gave me great advise and educated me on what was going to happen, when and where.
Bonnie H, Orlando, Fl
These folks are professional and will get results for you quickly. They are not the run of the mill grinding hours for billing people that often fill this profession. Thanks!
Donnie C., Orlando, Fl

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