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Having an Affair vs. Faithful

We get calls and emails almost every day from concerned spouses and partners in the Orlando areas that are worried their significant other is having an Affair. You don’t want to believe that your partner is having an affair and in most cases all you want to do is prove that they are not. But there are certain indicators that you just can’t ignore. It all boils down to the fact that you need to know if you can still trust this person.
This leads to the most common question; “Do you guys ever find out that the person is not having an affair?” Well, the answer to that is yes, but that’s a loaded question. You see, it’s much easier to catch someone cheating or having an affair, especially if you’re suspicious of them. After all, no one knows your spouse or partner better than you. The tough part is actually proving that they are not having an Affair!



For an Orlando Private Investigator, the main difference between catching a cheater and proving that the person is faithful is the amount of time that it takes to actually prove their innocence. If someone suspects that their spouse or partner is having an Affair, there are already certain times, behaviors, people or events in question. If we catch that person cheating or uncover an ongoing affair, we’ve proved their infidelity. But, if we do not catch that person cheating it does not prove that they are faithful. It just simply proves that they weren’t cheating at that date, time and place. (This is actually more common than you think!)

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In order to prove their innocence we have to rule out any chances of infidelity. To do this, we investigate and monitor them for a long enough to rule out any suspicions. Just because we don’t catch someone cheating right away doesn’t mean that they’re not or won’t have an Affair. All that it means is that we haven’t caught him/her yet. Even for a skilled Investigator, verifying that your partner is faithful can take a lot of time and effort, but at the conclusion you can be sure that you have nothing to worry about and all your concerns can be laid to rest!


Even the most scandalous people don’t have an Affair every day. Sometimes people’s affairs consist of discrete ongoing relationships outside of their marriage. Sometimes they consist of random one night stands with total strangers. And, sometimes it’s a discrete and occasional affair with a coworker or someone else and they might know through some type of common activity. Others are what we call opportunity affairs, when they had an opportunity and accepted it. We’ve even seen cases where the affair is a result of drug use or alcoholism or in some cases prostitution. Any of the aforementioned situations are rarely daily occurrences and sometimes aren’t even daily weekly or monthly occurrences. In order to rule out cheating, the investigation must go on long enough  to ensure that even the most random and isolated incidents are not taking place behind your back!

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By: Matt Aubin

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