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Background Checks can provide you with reliable information based on someone’s verified personal history and can be used as an important investigative tool in numerous situations. The evidence gathered from extensive background checks allows you to base important decisions on real facts and actionable intelligence instead of emotional or gut feelings. These types of private investigations can vary from the basic or cursory level to extremely comprehensive, penetrating and in depth investigations depending on your specific objectives based on your needs and budget. Because of our search tools, private investigative techniques, security clearance, software and databases, our Private Investigators can literally peel the internet apart to find information that would otherwise never be made available to you.

There are many reasons why the private investigators at SRA are hired to perform background checks. Some of the most common of these types of private investigations are:

  • Pre-Marital Screening
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • New Tenant Screening
  • Business Due Diligence Screening
  • Online Dating Screening

Nationwide Background Checks also provide historical data including current/past addresses, vehicle, plane & boat ownership, civil court history, nationwide criminal background, bank accounts, financial assets, bankruptcies, evictions, judgments & liens and much more.

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Having a background check conducted by a licensed Private Investigator can play an extremely important role in protecting the business owner or landlord. Bottom line, you need to know the history of the person you are considering leasing a property or space to before risking your valuable asset on an unknown or damaging past history.


Pre-marital background checks have become more common in recent years. Marriage is a very usurious commitment with major repercussions if a person should choose the wrong partner to be their spouse. Particularly if you haven’t known your potential spouse for a long time and are not familiar with their family, or their history. It is certainly prudent to know as much about the person you are about to marry as possible before taking your vows to protect yourself from Hidden Criminal Past, Financial Troubles or Debts, Previous Marriages and Relationships, Poor Job History and many other things that can be uncovered by having a private investigator conduct a background check. Our licensed private investigators perform Background Checks with the utmost of care and secrecy so that and the subject will never know that you looked into their past unless you choose to share the results of the investigation with them.

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More than (1) our of every (7) marriages now net online. Consequently, we see more advertisements for online dating websites every single day. This has also lead to many predators who have been taking advantage of those using these websites, sometimes with tragic consequences including criminal acts such as theft, stalking, rape, revenge porn, extortion and romance scams. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly dangerous to bring a stranger into your home without taking steps to verify who they are and key information about their background. If you are considering dating someone you’ve met online, let the Licensed Private Investigators at SRA perform a comprehensive background check to verify their identity and make sure they don’t have a criminal or violent past that could put you in danger. Don’t take chances and don’t become the next statistic or cautionary tale. Hire a private Investigator to conduct a background check on this person before you let a stranger into your life. Protect yourself and let on of our highly trained Private Investigators run a background check to thoroughly screen the person for you so that you know the truth about who you are really about to meet.


Any business owner or supervisor who does not hire a licensed private investigator to conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks on all new employees is setting themselves up for theft, violence and a variety of potential damage in the future. In addition, and with the litigious society in our country today, a comprehensive background check done by a competent private investigator can sharply reduce the risk of a negligent hiring lawsuit against your company in the event an employee is accused or charged of wrongdoing while on the job. Protect your company and your assets by doing a background check Before you hire!


As an added benefit to our customers and to further improve the effectiveness of our investigations. SRA will include up to two Free Criminal Background Check with the Following Services:

  • Free Criminal Background Checks with any complete Surveillance Package
  • Free Criminal Background Checks with any Electronic Bug sweep
  • Free Criminal Background Checks with any Elder Abuse Investigation
  • Free Criminal Background Checks with any GPS Tracking Package
  • Free Criminal Background Checks with any Child Custody Investigation


Before ordering a background check of any kind, always be sure to verify the licensing and qualifications any Investigator or Agency you hire. Only a Licensed Investigator has the clearance and authorization to review confidential records and only Licensed Agencies can gain access to secure nationwide databases and have the resources to perform an effective search beyond public records.


At SRA, we know every case is different and every background investigation is customized to meet the needs of your situation. Regardless of how unique or difficult, SRA has the tools and experience to professionally handle your case. For a free consultation or to get started right away call us at 407-900-4972.

844-307-7771 or 407-502-5225


Southern Recon Agency is a licensed Private Investigation Agency based and serving all of Florida, License #A-1400197

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