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Investigating Political Candidates


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Investigating Political Candidates Our firm investigated election candidates in various races around the state and country including Sheriff’s, Senators and one of the most intense and impactful Governors races in the country. These investigations required Coordinating Multiple Teams of experience private investigators and utilizing a combinations of investigative resources and techniques to overcome the myriad of obstacles that come from investigating political candidates including but not limited to: High Level Background Research Underconver Investigations OSINT and Public Records Tips from Inside Personnel Interview of Witnesses Counter Intelligence Covert Surveillance Request a Quote Electoral Candidate Investigations When investigating political candidates, politicians

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Motorcycle Accident Investigations


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Motorcycle Accident Investigations There are significant differences between investigating car accidents and motorcycle accident investigations. In particular; motorcycle accident investigations require the circumstances of the event to be reviewed in reverse order. The starting point for motorcycle accident investigations is where the rider or the motorcycle came to rest after the accident and is then reverse engineered to the start of the accident sequence. This is the only way to determine the possible actions that might have caused the crash. Momentum and conservation of energy, similar to what is used in car accident investigations is combined with the specifics of motorcycle dynamics, rider experience and

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Illegal Wiretap Detection


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Illegal Wiretap Detection One of the easiest and most effective methods of corporate espionage and intercepting business communications is via land line phone systems. Conducting routine Illegal Wiretap Detection and TSCM procedures is the only reliable and affordable method to ensuring that none of your business’ phone conversations are being illegally intercepted. Some of the most common types of attacks that conducting Illegal Wiretap Detection will either identify or prevent are: Unused Wiring: It is common for most phone systems to provide more wires than what the actual phones require. Most phones operate on 2-6 wires and all standard phone cords carry 8 wires. These extra

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Find a GPS tracker on your car


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 GPS Detection | TSCM The use of GPS trackers is more and more prevalent as the devices are becoming easily accessible, smaller and more affordable. So How do you Find a GPS Tracker on Your Car? I have heard customers day everything from "they too their car to a mechanic" to "we searched the whole thing from top to bottom"! The thing is if I placed a GPS on your car, I don't care how well you or your friend who is a mechanic looked for it... You Wont Find It! At least not without the help of one of the few professional private investigators

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Electronic Espionage


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Electronic Espionage Whether Corporate, Industrial or Personal, Electronic Espionage has increased drastically over the past few years.  Covert digital eavesdropping devices and cyber intrusion technologies are increasing rapidly and becoming for affordable and accessible to the general public. Because of that, this activity will continue to increase.  Communications, Information and Intangible assets are now the most valuable and accessible targets for most types of Electronic Espionage. Electronic Espionage goes far beyond the training, expertise and capabilities of nearly all IT professionals in the typical corporate setting.  A comprehensive security plan includes two completely distinct areas of specialization that incorporates both TSCM and Cyber security specialists.

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Electronic Bug Sweeps


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Electronic Bug Detection Due to the drastic increase in electronic invasion of privacy in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida, the need for Electronic Bug Sweeps are no longer just an option, it is quickly becoming a necessity. Stalking, Harassment, Theft, Voyeurism, Intimidation and Legal Issues can all result in being illegally monitored electronically in order to intercept communications and information. Actually some of the top reasons we are called in to do counter surveillance work or conduct electronic bug sweeps is from Husband's or Wives involved in domestic disputes including divorce, suspected infidelity and child custody investigations. Due to the availability and affordability

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Electronic Eavesdropping


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 Do you suspect Electronic Eavesdropping? Do you suspect Electronic Eavesdropping? If your personal or business information has somehow "gotten out" and you can not figure out how... Maybe someone has been using electronic eavesdropping as a tool to spy on your business or on your personally? Our Electronic Countermeasures specialists apply a high tech and practical approach to identify, locate and disable any illegal eavesdropping methods or devices. Electronic Eavesdropping can be implemented in a variety of ways for a multitude of business and/or personal reasons. The most common motivations for electronic eavesdropping that we have found are: (for Businesses) Corporate Espionage (To access

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TSCM Specialists of Florida


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844-307-7771 TSCM Specialists Do you suspect electronic eavesdropping? Has confidential, personal or private information been somehow leaking out and you can not figure out how? Maybe someone keeps "coincidentally" showing up where you are and you can't figure out how they found you? Or perhaps it's business, financial or your  information that could be in jeopardy. Maybe you have a stalker? Whatever the cause, if you have a credible threat to your privacy or information the TSCM Specialists at Southern Recon Agency can fix it for you! The TSCM Specialists at Southern Recon Agency have a combination of legal, technical and investigative backgrounds to cover the

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Corporate Espionage


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771 Understanding Corporate Espionage An ongoing battle that many American corporations and Florida small businesses are facing today is the battle against Corporate Espionage. Corporate espionage is designed to access trade secrets such as a proprietary product specifications or formulas and in some cases information about business infrastructure and future plans. Our Corporate Investigations division had developed a 3 step strategy to eliminate the threat of Corporate Espionage within your company. 1- Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Surveys All manner of illegal audio and video bugs are being purchased on the internet and easily planted in homes, businesses and vehicles across the country. These devices are not

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Stalking | Don’t be a Victim


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   Don't be a Victim of Stalking Stalking is a much more common threat in America than most people realize.  If you believe you are being stalked, this is a situation you need to talk very seriously. That being said, our team has a proven approach and takes immediate and effective action to defeat stalkers by helping their victims turn the tables on them and gain the upper hand. How can you put a Stop to Stalking? In order to put a stop to Stalking, as in a permanent solution. You will need some qualified help. It's nothing to be ashamed of and it's

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Bug Sweeps | Know the Basics


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   The Basics of Bug Sweeps Electronic Bug Detection, Surveillance Detection, Counter Surveillance, Debugging or whatever you choose to call it, "Bug Sweeps" involve the electronic and physical scanning of a building, property, area or vehicle to locate and remove any unauthorized surveillance or monitoring equipment. Bug Sweeps require government level technology and advanced training and certifications and should only be conducted by qualified professionals. Bug Sweeps (Known to professionals at Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) are designed to identify & locate the eavesdropping device and allow the technician to disable the illegal recording devices. Our technicians have categorized the two most common types of "bugs"

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Phone Tapped? We can fix it!


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   Is Your Phone Tapped? Cell phones and land lines have advanced a lot over the last few years and the ability to answer the question "Is your phone tapped" is something that normally requires expert testing and diagnostics that only a few companies in the united states (including ours) are able to perform. Is your Cell Phone Tapped?: Basic indicators can include unexplained disruptions in service or recurring abnormal sounds and frequencies. These are common signs that your cell phone is experiencing an unknown interference and could be a sign that there is an interception of your conversations and messaging. Unfortunately to to

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Electronic Bug Detection


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   Electronic Bug Detection Electronic Bug Detection is a highly specialized trade. As an Orlando private investigator, my team has become trained, equipped, experienced and extremely effective at performing Electronic Bug Detection sweeps to remove hidden audio and video monitoring equipment from our clients homes and businesses. These virtually undetectable electronic bugs can be easily placed to record even your most private business and personal activities. Even an amateur with no training can purchase a covert “bug” and plant it inside your home or business. Electronic Bugs can be hidden inside Computers (even the mouse), fax machines, light switches, light bulbs, electrical outlets, remote

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Counter Surveillance


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   Counter Surveillance | Orlando As a licensed Private Investigator in the Orlando area, I often encounter the subject of Counter Surveillance. In today's high tech and highly competitive arena, there are a variety of business and/or personal reasons that some one could be under surveillance. Whether it be a stalker or an ex, or a competing business the threat of covert surveillance is very real and more common today than most people realize. When customers contact us about Counter Surveillance, we are frequently we are asked how we go about counter surveillance? Is counter surveillance something anyone can do? What types of surveillance

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If Your Computer is Hacked


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771   How to know If Your Computer is Hacked! So how do you tell if you Computer is Hacked? As an Orlando private investigator and based on my experience working hundreds of cases involving cyber security, my team and I have put together a list of the most common signs to identify if you are a victim of hacking along with the only 100% certain way to verify if your Computer is Hacked. If you notice any of these warning signs on your computer, then please call us immediately for a Free case review. Computer Indicators The most common signs to look out for

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If your Phone is Hacked…


Call today to schedule your Free Consultation at 844- 307-7771 If your Phone is Hacked... We get calls all the time from concerned clients wondering if their Cell Phone is Hacked? As with any form of hacking, there are certain indicators that can tell you if your cell phone is hacked or not. Prior to having a private investigator run digital forensics on your phone, take a few minutes to review these Indicators to tell if Your Phone is Hacked: Strange Text Messages: Texts appearing in the form of strange characters or squares can be hackers attempting to access your device. Also, on a Phone or Tablet, the text only has to be

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