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Child Custody Investigation

What is a Child Custody Investigation? My definition of a Child Custody Investigation is the process in which the evidence is procured which can sway a judge’s permanent decision regarding the future and welfare of a parent’s children. Child Custody Battles are rarely about what is fair. Often they are about who can make the best case before the judge and prove that they can provide the best environment for their children. In short, a Child Custody case is often about manipulation, good lawyering, deep pockets and favor before the judge. Unfortunately this does not always mean that the children wind up with the better parent, or even in a loving or safe home. This is why walking into court with indisputable evidence  to make your case is so imperative. Only a well planned and executed child custody investigation can produce the type of evidence needed to potentially overcome the odds of walking into a courtrooms where the odds are already stacked against you.

At Southern Recon Agency, our Child Custody Investigation team is overseen by our own in house family law attorney with over 18 years of experience with Child Custody cases, both before a judge and as an expert-evidence gathering investigator. Each Child Custody Investigation is tailored to the specific circumstances of your situation and is strategically designed to, over time, procure the specific evidence needed for a judge to rule in your favor. If the evidence exists, we can find it!

Hiring a Child Custody Investigator

Our Child Custody Investigation team is highly regarded as one of the best in the state of Florida and is highly sought after by Attorneys and Clients to find the evidence that can make or brake their case. Featuring the Private Investigator awarded as the #1 Private Investigator in 2015 for both Orlando and Tampa, in addition to our in house legal counsel, Southern Recon Agency offers a unique and unparalleled approach to Child Custody Investigation. We offer an array of investigative expertise to incorporate into our child custody investigations including Background Investigations, Covert Surveillance, Undercover Operations and High Level Cyber and Social Media Intelligence.

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By: Matt Aubin

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