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Going before a judge unprepared can result in an irreversible decision leaving your children in a hazardous and sometimes permanent situation with an unfit parent. If you are involved in a child custody battle, you need to be prepared to step into court with evidence that can effect the courts decision on your behalf. Remember this isn’t just for you, it’s for the well being of your kids! There is no do it yourself option like filing taxes or painting your shed. You need an expert Orlando Child Custody Investigator to guide you through the process and provide you with the indisputable evidence you need before you go into court. We can also work in unison with your attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Every Child Custody Investigator at Southern Recon Agency can provide evidence of:

  • Drug Use
  • Criminal Activity
  • Associating with known Criminals
  • Private Bank Accounts
  • Undocumented Income
  • Retirement & Trust Accounts
  • Financial Marital Waste
  • Unstable Home Environment
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Only Southern Recon Agency has an in house, practicing family law attorney with nearly 20 years of experience in child custody cases working as our lead Child Custody Investigator. There is no other child custody investigator in Orlando or anywhere in Florida  who is also an Attorney!

We have had way to many calls from parents who have lost their children to an unfit and dangerous person because they went into court unprepared. Take action to protect your children and speak to an expert Child Custody Investigator today.


If you have any questions or needs for a Child Custody Investigator in Orlando, Tampa or anywhere in Florida, you can call or text me at 407-900-4972 (Orlando Private Investigator) or email us at [email protected]

By: Matt Aubin

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