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The number one cause for Intellectual Property Theft, Industry Sabotage and the loss of valuable Intangible Assets is from intercepted communications due to poor Communication Security. Businesses, Attorneys and Corporations have recognized that illegally intercepted communications have become their single greatest financial liability.
Secure communication occurs when two or more persons or entities are communicating and are able to communicate in a way not susceptible to eavesdropping or interception.

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Effective Communication Security

It is impossible to create a secure communication or establish Communication Security unless the 4 main areas that people communicate today; Computers, Phones, Cell Phones and in Person, are completely secure.

Cell Phones

Cell phones come complete with a built in microphone, camera and a GPS tracker along with a communication source to transmit and receive data. A cell phone is literally a ready-made, fully capable audio, video and Geo locating bug right out of the box. In addition to text messages and verbal communications, cell phones also have direct access to email, browsing history and a multitude of both personal and corporate data making them major communication security vulnerabilities.


The biggest communication vulnerability for computers is email. Email is not only the most common form of communication used on computers but it is also the most susceptible to attack and can provide an access point to everything within the computer itself. Both computers and email accounts need to be routinely scanned to ensure the are no malicious connections or interceptions taking place. Computers can also be monitored via cell phones and electronic bugs.


There is no way for the user to identify if their phone conversations are being monitored because modern methods leave no signs or indicators (such a clicks, disconnects, static or feedback). Modern VoIP phones actually communicate in a way similar to how computers do and like computers, also require routine scans in order to maintain secure communications.

Electronic Bugs

The ability to create, build or buy video and audio electronic bugs has never been greater and the most effective way to intercept communications is from planting electronic bugs and intercepting the person to person spoken word. Tiny, affordable, effective, easy to get and easy to use. Someone with very little money, training or expertise can bug an entire home or office building have complete audio and video feeds of every work spoken and every action.

Whether it is from Hacking, Wiretapping, Hidden Microphones, Hidden Cameras, Cell Phones or Electronic Bugs. Our team of Communication Security specialists have the capabilities to provide complete Communication Security for computers, phones, cell phones and electronic bugs.

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Our Communication Security Analysts are all licensed Private Investigators and includes TSCM Technicians, Cyber Investigators, Digital Forensics Technicians, Certified Ethical Hackers and an in house Investigative Attorney. All with current licensing and certifications in their area of expertise (Complete list of certifications available upon request).

At SRA, we know every case is different and every aspect of our clients Communication Security is customized to meet the needs of your situation. Regardless of how unique or difficult, if you have questions or concerns about the communication security of your business, office or home in Florida or anywhere in the United States, SRA has the specialized equipment and the experience to professionally handle your communication security needs. For a free consultation or to get started right away call us at 407-502-5225 (Orlando) or 813-373-4181 (Tampa).

Southern Recon Agency is based in OrlandoFlorida and is available Nationwide upon request.

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