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Do you suspect that someone is surveilling you, through eavesdropping, wiretapping, hacking, stalking or other means? Many of these methods have been in the news lately, and the threat is ever increasing. It’s more important than ever to protect the interests of your business and the safety of your family and associates.

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Types of Surveillance Devices

All manner of illegal audio and video bugs and monitoring software are being purchased on the internet and easily planted in homes, businesses, cell phones, computers and vehicles across the country. They are not only capable of stealing your propriety business information, but also rob you of your most personal information and privacy as well. Countless companies and individuals have been a victim this type of illegal intrusion. Our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures sweeps will discover:

  • Wiretap devices
  • Phone taps
  • Covert video cameras
  • Vehicle GPS satellite tracking devices
  • Covert audio bugs
  • Audio transmitting & recording devices
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The Theft of Personal, Financial or Corporate Data is all too Commonplace

Unfortunately, Cyber Theft can have profoundly negative consequences that can take years to correct. Your trade secrets and customer lists are invaluable to the success of your business. To keep it out of the wrong hands, hire the right people. It’s time to take a proactive approach and hire the professionals at Southern Recon Agency.

We are a highly trained Counter Surveillance firm specializing in providing Surveillance Detection services for victims of electronic eavesdropping, invasion of privacy, hacking, cell phone monitoring and stalking.

Advanced Government-grade Capabilities at Your Disposal

We are equipped with the latest government-level technical surveillance countermeasures equipment – and our licensed professionals are qualified to handle any property from an apartment or house to an office or warehouse – as well as your cars and company vehicles.

Our Mission is to Find What Others Miss

Our advanced Technical Surveillance Countermeasures procedures are specifically designed to locate and disable even the most advanced and hardest to find covert eavesdropping devices, hidden cameras, online listening devices, bugs, cellular phone taps, audio surveillance equipment, GPS vehicle trackers, and radio frequency detectors. We are committed to continuously upgrading our equipment and capabilities to always stay one step ahead of the criminal element.

We Can’t Help You Until You Contact Us

For the ultimate in Counter Surveillance, count on Southern Recon Agency. We serve families, individuals and businesses in Sarasota, Orlando, Tampa, Pinellas County and Pasco County. Contact us for a free consultation in complete confidence by calling 844-307-7771 or clicking here to send an email. A prompt and discrete response is assured. Southern Recon Agency is a fully licensed investigative agency: Florida license A-1400197.

Counter Surveillance Experts

  • RF, VLF, UHF and AM/FM Scanners
  • Infra-Red Scanners
  • Frequency spectrum analyzers
  • Network protocol analyzers
  • Bluetooth detectors
  • Rogue wifi detectors
  • Telephone line analyzers
  • Hidden camera detectors
  • Carrier current analyzers
  • Electronic voltage analyzers
  • Countermeasures amplifiers
  • Non-linear junction detectors
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I have worked with Southern Recon on several investigations. He is an excellent investigator who always gets the job done no matter how complex or dangerous the situation. His fees are very reasonable and he usually puts in more hours than he gets paid for in order to make sure he does a professional job. I highly recommend Southern Recon Agency.
Mark A., Tampa, FL | Attorney, 16 years
Matt provided me with superior service. He handled my investigation in a very professional manner and was always available for me 24/7. He helped solve my case and provided me with accurate evidence proving the suspicion of my husband’s infidelity. I highly recommend his services. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for his services!
Tina G., Ontario, Canada

Why Choose Us

  • Awarded #1 Private Investigator in Tampa, Florida 2015
  • Awarded #1 Private Investigator in Orlando, Florida 2015
  • FALI – Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
  • Member of Federal Bureau of Investigation Infragard
  • Certified in FTER – Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery

Professional Licensing & Associations

  • A1400197 Florida Licensed Private Investigation Agency
  • FALI Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
  • FBI Infragard
  • Certified in FTER – Forensic Testimonial Evidence Recovery
  • Certified in TSCM – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
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