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Electronic Bug Detection

Due to the drastic increase in electronic invasion of privacy in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida, the need for Electronic Bug Sweeps are no longer just an option, it is quickly becoming a necessity. Stalking, Harassment, Theft, Voyeurism, Intimidation and Legal Issues can all result in being illegally monitored electronically in order to intercept communications and information. Actually some of the top reasons we are called in to do counter surveillance work or conduct electronic bug sweeps is from Husband’s or Wives involved in domestic disputes including divorce, suspected infidelity and child custody investigations. Due to the availability and affordability of electronic bugs, GPS trackers, hidden cameras and microphones online and the easy of use, many people have found it to be a cost effective and efficient means of spying on or gathering potential evidence against their spouse or partner. Conversations, emails, text messages, personal photos and exact locations are just a few of the areas that are most vulnerable to electronic eavesdropping and monitoring. Debugging or professionally conducted Electronic Bug Sweeps are the only effective defense.

What are Electronic Bug Sweeps?

Electronic Bug Sweeps (also known as TSCM, Counter Surveillance & Debugging) involves physically and electronically searching, scanning and analyzing an area to determine the use of electronic eavesdropping devices (aka bugs). Technical Surveillance Counter Measures or TSCM (commonly known as Electronic Bug Sweeps) should only be conducted by certified TSCM professionals with the proper equipment, training and experience to detect and prevent all types of invasion of privacy. Electronic Bug Sweeps are designed to locate illegal covert eavesdropping devices (bugs), wiretaps, microphones, transmitters, GPS trackers, hidden cameras, GSMs and computer or phone hacking. A TSCM specialist will also evaluate for weaknesses of all locks, alarms, and other systems of physical and electronic security or controls.

Please be advised, Electronic Bug Sweeps are a high level expert service. Our team was trained alongside US Government agents including FBI, US Marshalls and Homeland Security and uses the same laboratory grade surveillance detection and countermeasures equipment at the US government agencies do. All of our Electronic Bug Sweeps are conducted to the highest standards and can locate ANY electronic eavesdropping device whether it is on or off!

We typically perform full Electronic Bug Sweeps for attorneys, businesses and concerned individuals. Most of which, we have found are being spied on by a current or ex- spouse or lover. The normal process is to comb the entire the Radio Frequency (RF) and broadband spectrum, then a detailed sweep for hidden electronic components (hidden in walls etc.), followed by a detailed physical search and when necessary can be expanded into cell phone and computer hacking forensics to identify any possible source of intrusion.

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