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Electronic Espionage

Whether Corporate, Industrial or Personal, Electronic Espionage has increased drastically over the past few years.  Covert digital eavesdropping devices and cyber intrusion technologies are increasing rapidly and becoming for affordable and accessible to the general public. Because of that, this activity will continue to increase.  Communications, Information and Intangible assets are now the most valuable and accessible targets for most types of Electronic Espionage.

Electronic Espionage goes far beyond the training, expertise and capabilities of nearly all IT professionals in the typical corporate setting.  A comprehensive security plan includes two completely distinct areas of specialization that incorporates both TSCM and Cyber security specialists. These diverse skill sets are increasingly in demand as electronic espionage can now consist of a variety of attacks including cyber, phones, cell phones and communications. As businesses modernize and grow, the sheer volume of personal and corporate data that can be captured in a single attack can totally devastate most businesses.

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Steps to Prevent Electronic Espionage

The first step all businesses should take to combat Electronic Espionage is a comprehensive TSCM detection sweep because no IT inspection would ever be able to detect a covert physical device. along with a comprehensive Cyber C-TSCM Assessments that address the issues that a standard IT Risk Management simply does not address.  A comprehensive, proactive security plan to prevent electronic espionage must include physical technical surveillance threats that use the wireless cellular network to capture data, and Cyber Intrusion Detection.

All corporate executives, owners and board members should remember that they have a responsibility to take all reasonable measures to protect the company and its assets Failure to implement, at a minimum, periodic TSCM inspections with its risk management program can and more than likely will result in massive financial losses.  No one wants to be a part of the executive leadership of a company whose losses totaled in the billions last year due to something as easily preventable as electronic espionage. .

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