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Fake Social Media Accounts

Cyber stalkers and Cyber bully’s often use Fake Social Media Accounts to stalk, harass and defame their victims. With the easy availability to digital photos and information online, the amount of fake social media accounts has increased at a staggering rate. Fake Social Media Accounts can come in a variety of forms including but not limited to:

  • Fake or Impersonating Social Media Accounts
  • Anonymous Profiles on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter
  • Fake Profiles on Dating Sites
  • Fake Blogs or Websites
  • Anonymous Text Message Apps or Accounts
  • Anonymous Emails

Our Private Investigators receive inquiries almost daily from victims who are devastated and desperate for help in stopping the attacks.  It is not only individuals that are being victimized, all types of businesses are susceptible as well.

Cyber Bullying with Fake Social Media Accounts

Obviously, using Fake Social Media Accounts for cyber bullying has numerous negative effects including depression, lowered self-esteem, the overall feeling of being powerless and in the worst cases suicidal thoughts and attempts.  Cyber bullying is easy because the cowardly bully can use the Fake Social Media Accounts to never come face to fact with the victims.  They think that it is impossible to track them down when using Fake Social Media Accounts because they are “completely anonymous”. However, our team of Cyber Investigators have the ability to identify the anonymous users of these Fake Social Media Accounts.

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Using Fake Social Media Accounts for Defamation

Another common use of fake or anonymous social media accounts is for defamation or industry sabotage. Creating a fake website or social media account has become a common tactic for posting damaging information about a company or it’s owners.

Some Steps to take to help Identify the Fake Social Media Accounts

First, make sure you carefully document the attacks. Take screenshots and write down all URLs, numbers, screen names and social media handles. NEVER respond to any threatening or harassing posts. Contact one our our Licensed Orlando Private Investigators to discuss the situation. If you want to pursue identifying the person(s) behind the anonymous or Fake Social Media Accounts then you should always take the following steps:

  • If the harassment is on Facebook or Instagram, DO NOT report it to the website as that may compromise our investigator ability to identify the person behind the accounts. (Remember this is ONLY if you want our investigators to identify them)
  • If you are being attacked by texts, DO NOT block the number.  Make sure to write down or screen shot the texts and phone number and narrative in the messages.
  • If there are nude photos, NEVER respond or forward them to anyone.
  • If threats have been made against you, you will need to contact Law Enforcement and file a report.
  • If the content is defamatory or disparaging to a business or professional, seek an attorney’s opinion to verify.
  • If you have a suspect or someone who you believe is responsible, DO NOT make contact with them or have anyone contact them on your behalf. This can potentially compromise your ability to identify who is behind the attacks.
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