As local police departments report climbing amounts of hidden camera convictions, fear is trending as well. It used to be a challenge to perform surveillance, especially with any kind of quality; but now things are different.

High-quality equipment is widely available for astonishingly low prices, causing a massive influx in “spy camera” sales. To make things worse, people seem to be more deranged each year, lowering morales all over the country when it comes to things like peeping on others. To keep yourself protected, it’s important to be vigilant and know which indicators to look for.

Common Hidden Camera Locations

A wide variety of stealthy camera designs with numerous power source options make virtually any location susceptible to hidden cameras. With that being said, some areas are more heavily targeted than others. If someone is risking being caught and spending the money to place a hidden camera, they have a purpose. In most cases, their purpose is to observe nudity or collect information that would be useful in a blackmail situation; so cameras will most likely be in areas where you are the most sensitive. Hidden cameras are often placed in:

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Changing areas
  • Fitting Rooms
  • Locker-Rooms
  • Dorms

How To Find Hidden Cameras

Before undressing, using an unfamiliar restroom, or exposing yourself, do a thorough inspection of your surroundings. Do you see anything out of place? Taking a look at the room from top-to-bottom before proceeding may save you from a traumatic experience.

Checking For Anomalies

Abnormalities and nonsense items in a room can be a clear indication that something is off. Are they a collector of clocks, or are one of those timepieces hiding a hidden camera? Oddly placed items and things that stand apart from the rest of a room can often be telltale signs of camera placement.

Scanning Objects For Lenses

When entering a room, it never hurts to pay a little extra attention to the objects inside, noticing the details of each item. You may not always notice the lens, but you have a chance since every camera requires that piece to be exposed (otherwise, it’s already useless). Cameras are getting smaller and more camouflaged, so look up some examples and get a clear picture of what you’re looking for.

Unplugging Unusual Electronics

While many cameras are battery operated or rechargeable in 2022, many still require an external power source. That means you may spot an out-of-place wire, seemingly useless plugins, or other clues that a camera is being powered.

What To Do If You Find A Hidden Camera

If you find a hidden camera in a public area, it’s important to notify management so they can clear any additional areas that could be targeted. When the situation is in a private area, citizens don’t always want their business out in the world; especially if the invasion of privacy was successful. In these situations, it’s recommended that you contact a private investigator.

Private investigators can help you clear your home, office, and other frequently used areas of hidden cameras and malicious devices to give you peace of mind moving forward. They can also help you find the source of invasion and collect evidence of their crimes. While they cannot pursue the individuals, PIs can help seal their fate.