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Forensic Hacking Investigations

Is your computer or phone hacked? Do you honestly even know how to find out? The real answer is NO! Your buddy who works in the IT department cant help you and hacking investigations are definitely not a do it yourself scenario. Hacking Investigations are difficult, time consuming and always evolving to keep up with the technological advances in international cyber-crimes.

We get calls every day asking us about Hacking Investigations and my first question is always “Why do you want to know?” I know it seems like a dumb question, but if we can definitively prove your computer was hacked and identify the hacker, what would you want to do with that information? Do you want to press charges or sue them in civil court? Do you just want it to stop? Have you suffered some kind of financial loss or does this deal with a Cyber Stalking, Bullying or Blackmail situation? Hacking Investigations have to begin with the end result in mind. The reason being is that unless we catch the hacker in the act, most states will not file charges or award damages so the hacking investigation itself is pointless. Plus Hacking Investigations are not cheap! It is an expert service that requires a team of professionals and full time software engineers working on the back end. Traditional Hacking Investigations take us 3-4 days of non-stop activity and data collection on your computer. Data is collected using proprietary software developed by our software engineers and overseen by our Cyber Investigations department head prior to being complete.

Hacking Investigators

So who actually needs Hacking Investigations? My answer is anyone who needs to recover their security, privacy or financial peace. Hacking in an invasion of privacy and poses an unlimited potential for information, data and communications to be intercepted or stolen. Any personal photos or information is now available to be made public or used against you at the sole discretion of a cyber criminal. For most people, attorneys and businesses, our Hacking Investigators are the only defense. Fortunately, our Hacking Investigations are designed to definitively prove if your computer has been hacked and in most cases, even Identify the hacker responsible.

There are certain legalities that have to be considered prior to engaging in any form of hacking investigations. For example, do you know the statute of limitations? D you understand that digital forensics reports showing a “potentially malicious app” or “potential spyware” are in my opinion completely useless in court? The ONLY way we have seen hacking investigations have a successful outcome and lead to a prosecution either civilly or criminally is by catching them in the act!

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