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Harassment and Stalking Investigations

If you have been dealing with Harassment or Stalking or anywhere in the State of Florida, the good news is that We can help you get your life back! Most of our Stalking Investigations have revealed 2 things,  If you think you have a Stalker…. You are Probably right! And the vast majority of Stalking Investigations have revealed that the same types of people are usually the perpetrators. Our vast experience in successfully handling Stalking Investigations has shown these types of people to be the most common threats in stalking or harassment cases. If you are dealing with a Stalker, chances are he/she fits into one of these categories.

  • Ex Boyfriend / Girlfriend or Spouse
  • Neighbors
  • Co-Workers
  • Sexual Predators
  • Adults with Mental Illness
  • Opportunistic Predators
  • Identity Thieves
  • Business Competitors
  • Voyer / “Peeping Tom”
  • Hackers

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Our experienced team of licensed Private Investigators can take effective and immediate action to defeat stalkers through our experience and superior technology. This allows us to confront all types of Stalking Investigations from Cyber Stalking to your common but potentially dangerous “Peeping Tom”. Southern Recon Agency has the ability to use specialized equipment and techniques including advanced Surveillance DetectionCyber InvestigationsProtective Surveillance and State of the Art Database Research for all of our Stalking Investigations to ensure we meet the needs of all of our clients and help bring their Stalkers to justice.

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At Southern Recon Agency, all of our Harassment and Stalking Investigations are tailored to meet the individual needs of your situation. There are no other private investigators or anywhere in the state of Florida that have the resources, tools and experience to professionally handle harassment and stalking investigations as quickly and effectively as our stalking investigations team. For a free consultation or to get started right away call us at 407-900-4972.

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844-307-7771 or 407-502-5225


Southern Recon Agency is a licensed Private Investigation Agency based and serving all of Florida, License # A-1400197

For a free consultation with a Licensed Private Investigator or to get started right away call us at 844-307-7771 or 407-502-5225 or email us at [email protected].