How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost in Orlando, Florida?

Florida laws strive to protect the rights of its citizens, strictly enforcing all laws against privately conducted investigations. While this is a major benefit to the general public, it does mean that you will have to hire a private investigator if you want to collect information on someone. The real question is, how much is it going to cost you? Let’s take a look at private investigator pricing and why you really need a professional investigation service in the first place.

What Can Private Investigators Do?

At face value, anyone with a private investigator’s license has proven themselves worthy of collecting information on citizens within set parameters, but a good PI agency will provide much more. Private investigation firms like Southern Recon Agency guide you through the process and make the experience just a little easier. Our experts will review your case and create a strategy based on the situation. From deploying surveillance elements to creating a link in the chain of evidence and wrapping it in a bow for the prosecution, we ensure that everything is done for your case to succeed within our control.

There are limits to what private investigators can do, but the law allows for these professionals to investigate effectively throughout the state of Florida, as long as a license is in hand. The reach of PIs is expanded when you find an agency with investigators who hold a security clearance, which opens the door to infinite, valuable data.

When To Hire A Private Investigator in Orlando

It may seem odd to specify a location for this title, but Florida has some unique laws that make some scenarios trickier to deal with, and some easier than usual. These laws can affect the results of your case and the amount of return that you have for your investigation, so think about sitting down with a PI to discuss your case before making a decision.

While cheating spouse cases are one of the most common situations to call a PI, Florida’s laws may not allow for the outcome you want. The fact that Orlando is nestled in a no-fault state means that your spouse has no liability for their infidelity, and judges will not bat an eye at their indiscretions; until the money is involved. Florida may be a no-fault state, but the legal system will also throw the book at cases of marital waste, which is where private investigation services come into play. Private investigation agencies can focus on collecting proof of marital waste, whether they have been paying for a weekly hotel room or wardrobes, Florida courts will return the marital waste if you can prove that it happened.

Nothing is more important than your children, so getting them out of a bad situation is always going to be the priority.”

Child custody cases are another primary reason people call private investigators in Orlando. Nothing is more important than your children, so getting them out of a bad situation is always going to be the priority. Private investigators dig in deep to collect any proof of neglect or abuse to rapidly remove them from the situation.

How Much Is It To Hire A PI In Florida?

Private investigators typically charge an hourly fee of $100-$150 for Orlando investigation services. Other private investigation agencies charge less per hour, but you may end up paying for expenses, mileage, overnight visits, and other hidden charges along the way.

Finding a private investigator that gives you honest, upfront pricing goes a long way, especially in situations where tensions are high everywhere else. The best agencies will break down your costs between stages, so you get an accurate estimate of what your investigation will cost, along with a straight-forward explanation of what you have to gain by completing the investigation. They will still use an hourly scale to determine your cost, but the private investigator that is handling your case can roll-in any costs that would not be covered so you are left with no surprises.

The Cost of Private Investigations

When you are planning out your next move, it’s imperative to reflect on what you have to gain, and what is at stake. If you determine that any investigation needs to happen, hiring a PI is the only way to legally do so in Florida. You can, however, avoid surprising fees and a widely expensive bill at the end of your service by the best private investigators in Florida.