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Illegal Wiretap Detection

One of the easiest and most effective methods of corporate espionage and intercepting business communications is via land line phone systems. Conducting routine Illegal Wiretap Detection and TSCM procedures is the only reliable and affordable method to ensuring that none of your business’ phone conversations are being illegally intercepted. Some of the most common types of attacks that conducting Illegal Wiretap Detection will either identify or prevent are:

Unused Wiring: It is common for most phone systems to provide more wires than what the actual phones require. Most phones operate on 2-6 wires and all standard phone cords carry 8 wires. These extra wires are common and easy access points to illegally intercept phone communications. Short of inspecting every inch of wiring throughout the entire building, the only reliable method of detection is conducting TSCM & Illegal Wiretap Detection procedures.

Hook Switch Bypass: A very basic method of partially bypassing the phones “hook switch” to allow the call to be ended but still enable audio to be heard through the phones microphone. This method is undetectable aside from completely dismantling every phone or Illegal Wiretap Detection & TSCM procedures.

Split & Re-split: This method is used by “splitting” into phone wire/wires and redirecting to a recording or transmitting device to before “re-splitting” the wiring back to your phone system. Illegal Wiretap Detection and TSCM procedures can identify and pin point the location of the “split” enabling it to be removed.

RF Transmitters: RF transmitters record and transmit sounds and conversations through radio currents and can be installed in to the phone, phone line or can be used to eavesdrop on phone conversations from a near proximity. RF transmitters can be detected either via standard TSCM or through routine TSCM & Illegal Wiretap Detection.

Carrier Current: Carrier current runs directly off the phones a/c power supple uses a low powered AM radio signal to transmit audio intercepted from the phone conversations. Carrier current is often detectable by a change is the voltage run through the phone line. Although it’s nearly impossible to locate and identify without TSCM & Illegal Wiretap Detection.

Taps & Bugs: Taps and bugs are used to intercept communications through phone lines and record or relay those conversations to an outside source. A “tap” is a listening device run directly into the phone line itself. Where as a “bug” runs out from the direct line and requires an independent power source. Short of inspecting every inch of wiring throughout the entire building, the only reliable method of detection is Illegal Wiretap Detection.

Cyber / Software: VOIP & Digital phone have operating systems similar to a computer making them susceptible to hacking and cyber intrusion. This particular method is very tough to diagnose and unlike some of the other forms of interception, this shows no visible or audible signs. Conducting comprehensive TSCM &  Illegal Wiretap Detection is the only way to ascertain if software of cyber intrusion is taking place.

Routine Telephone Counter Surveillance

We recommend routine phone debugging and Illegal Wiretap Detection two times a year as a proactive precaution to ensure that the integrity of your business’ phone conversations is protected at all times. The service is cost effective and can easily be done after business hours.

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Telephone debugging and Illegal Wiretap Detection examinations must be carefully planned and customized to meet your company’s needs and budget. Due to the different types of phone systems, phones and the unique circumstances the we come across, we do require an initial consultation to determine the cost and recommended procedure.

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