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Investigating Child Custody in Florida is arguably the most difficult and challenging area of domestic private investigations. Child Custody Investigations are high-stakes, long term investigations that can have permanent effects on both parents and children and should only be conducted by the most skillful private investigators. Investigating child custody cases requires superior knowledge, experience and the most advanced surveillance equipment and research databases in order to ensure that the evidence you need to win your case is not just found, but gathered in accordance with all local, state and federal laws.

Our investigators keep one thing in mind while Investigating Child Custody cases… This case will go to court! As such not only does all evidence need to be gathered in accordance with the law, but the entire focus of the child custody investigation needs to be on material facts that have an impact on the judges decision. Our Private Investigators have decades of experience Investigating Child Custody and have comprehensive knowledge of the types of evidence that can effect a judges ruling in Florida courts and we know how to get it! In addition to investigating child custody cases, our investigators are experienced in the court room and can testify as expert witnesses on your behalf. We understand that investigating Child custody cases isn’t just about getting the evidence, it’s about delivering it to the courtroom! Investigating Child Custody cases takes a combination of good investigating in addition to advanced knowledge of the law. Too many cases are thrown out because of evidence that was improperly gathered or documented. Investigating Child Custody is not an amatuer game, not when your children’s future may depend on the results.

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Southern Recon Agency in Orlando our lead Child Custody Investigator. is a licensed, family law attorney with nearly 20 years of experience Investigating Child Custody cases. This level of expertise ensures that while our team is investigating child custody cases, we do in in complete accordance with all State, Local and Federal Laws and provides a strategic advantage when preparing your evidence for court. .


If you have any questions about Investigating Child Custody or if you would like to speak with a qualified Child Custody Investigator in Orlando or anywhere in Florida about your child custody case, you can call or text me directly at 407-900-4972 (Orlando Private Investigator) or email us at [email protected]

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