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Investigating Political Candidates

Our firm investigated election candidates in various races around the state and country including Sheriff’s, Senators and one of the most intense and impactful Governors races in the country.

These investigations required Coordinating Multiple Teams of experience private investigators and utilizing a combinations of investigative resources and techniques to overcome the myriad of obstacles that come from investigating political candidates including but not limited to:

  • High Level Background Research
  • Underconver Investigations
  • OSINT and Public Records
  • Tips from Inside Personnel
  • Interview of Witnesses
  • Counter Intelligence
  • Covert Surveillance
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Electoral Candidate Investigations

When investigating political candidates, politicians and high profile targets in general; there are several obstacles that we have to overcome in these types of high profile cases.

High Security: Many of these candidates are active or prior law enforcement or military and can in many cases have highly trained and well funded security details that know how to identify a threat. Investigating political candidates means having to overcome all of the traditional obstacles in private investigations and in many cases have to circumvent top level protection details and law enforcement.

Secrecy: Many of these candidates work hard to keep their private lives private and ensure there is no public record, digital or paper trail of their misdeeds. It’s also common that they will hire experts to “scrub” their online history, expunge public records and take drastic measures to prevent certain truths from their past from coming to light.

Travel: Rental Cars, Limos, Chauffers, private planes, hotels all present their own sets of difficulties when investigating political candidates or any high profile targets. Most of the vehicles are not in their name and plans are often subject to change on short notice.

High Stakes: High profile targets mean real resources, public spotlight and potentially serious repercussions for any missteps when investigating political candidates. Essentially the targets can never know how the evidence was obtained or even that they were being investigated until after the evidence is released.

Discretion: Even in cases where significant evidence is gathered when investigating political candidates, sometimes the clients decide not to use it. Very rarely are we able to disclose who our client were, who the targets were or any of the factual and evidentiary findings from investigating political candidates.

Intimidation: An often productive part of investigating political candidates is finding witnesses who can lead to curtail evidence about the target of our investigation. However, many of these witnesses are terrified to come forth, especially when the evidence will likely be traceable back to them.

Geography: Investigating political candidates often means having to be geographically flexible and being able to coordinate different teams of investigators to be in different paces at the same time and often on short notice. Whether campaigning or just living their daily lives, these targets are always on the move and most of the time with little to no notice.

Reaction Time: “He’s on the move” is a common term while working thee high profile cases and often with little or no warning. Unfortunately if you miss an opportunity you may never get another chance.

Man Power: It is impossible to investigate a high profile target such as a political candidate without the right investigators and enough of them. You have to be able to coordinate teams of high level professionals and know they can be in the right place, on time and fully prepared to get the job done.

Tech Capabilities: Probably the most important part of investigating political candidates is having high level technical capabilities both online and in the field. The evidence needed in these cases will not be found by “Googling”, watching the news or by using basic commercial equipment or software. Proprietary search programs, techniques, cameras, online tracking capabilities are all key elements of being able to successfully investigate political candidates

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By: Matt Aubin

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