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Disable Location Tracking

As licensed private investigators specializing in technical security, we are constantly aware of the technologically advanced schemes that are commonly used to intrude upon our personal and professional privacy.  For example, state of the art electronic tracking bugs are increasingly being planted into email allowing companies to use Location Tracking via Email.  These “tracking pixels” are often invisible and can be covertly inserted into any email or into hyperlinks embedded in a message.  Either method is nearly undetectable and not only allows Location Tracking via Email but the specific details of what device you are using!

This process is usually benign and commonly used typically used by email marketers but it can lead to an open doorway for hackers and various forms of cyber intrusion. The cyber security risks are endless and include the potential for cyber stalking, intellectual property theft and identity theft.

So what can you do to prevent companies from Location Tracking via Email?   Below are some simple steps you can follow to disable people from using Location Tracking via Email in your Gmail account and on your phones:


  • Open the small gear icon
  • Open “Settings”
  • Under the General Tab, scroll to “Images”
  • Open “Ask before displaying external images”
  • “Save Changes”


  • Open “Settings” app
  • Open “Mail Contacts Calendars”
  • Turn off “Load Remote Images”


  • Open “Gmail” app
  • Select your account
  • Open “Images”
  • “Ask before showing”


Most people are unaware of this activity have no idea how frequently Location Tracking via Email is being used.  Fortunately our Cyber Investigations and Intelligence division is able to handle any advanced level of Location Tracking via Email or hacking.


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By: Matt Aubin

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