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Motorcycle Accident Investigations

There are significant differences between investigating car accidents and motorcycle accident investigations. In particular; motorcycle accident investigations require the circumstances of the event to be reviewed in reverse order. The starting point for motorcycle accident investigations is where the rider or the motorcycle came to rest after the accident and is then reverse engineered to the start of the accident sequence. This is the only way to determine the possible actions that might have caused the crash.

Momentum and conservation of energy, similar to what is used in car accident investigations is combined with the specifics of motorcycle dynamics, rider experience and control and are used as standard factors in motorcycle accident investigations. Experienced motorcycle accident investigators with extensive training and detailed knowledge of motorcycle dynamics and the scientific metrics of how a motorcycle reacts to rider control are required for these types of evaluations.

Our firm evaluates motorcycle investigations using five (5) primary aspects:

Perception & Reaction to Hazards:

Precise calculations of the time it takes for the rider to responds to hazards: typically estimated at 1.1 to 1.5 seconds under normal circumstances.

Avoidance Maneuvers:

Motorcycle riders typically engage in an avoidance technique using a combination of steering or braking using the front brake and/or rear brakes. Determining the type of avoidance used often relies on eyewitnesses, CCTV and other key physical evidence at the scene.


Either the front or rear wheel can lock up due to overuse of the brakes and in some cases can cause a loss of control and a crash. In most cases; the motorcycle and rider can separate and slide in the same direction they were moving before the crash, providing an important foundation for evidence in motorcycle accident investigations.

Physical Impact:

Many motorcycle accident investigations are in response to a collision with another vehicle or another form of object such as a guardrail. The motorcycle’s speed can often be determined by evaluating the resulting damage and sliding distance.

Motion Post Impact:

In most motorcycle accident investigations, the rider is separated from the motorcycle continues in motion independently. The analysis of the post-impact travel distance can help determine both the speed and trajectory of the motorcycle at the time of impact.

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Motorcycle Accident Investigators

Motorcycle Accident Investigators must be experienced in a variety on Private Investigative Disciplines in addition to being duly licensed as Private investigators. Our team of Orlando private investigators are specifically experienced in investigating auto and motorcycle accidents and familiar with both the greater Orlando areas and the State, local and national laws pertaining to them.

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Private Investigator Orlando | Motorcycle Accident Investigations

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