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It happens all the time. Cyber-crimes are becoming very common. Even worse, it seems every day a new story about an online child predator is on the national broadcast news. Particularly in regards to children, cyber-security and internet privacy issues must be brought to the forefront.

I agree, children need a certain degree of freedom in their social lives. There is clearly a difference between using discreetly monitoring their social network activity, and stifling their ability to learn and grow in our tech oriented world.

Reality of Online Child Predators

Online child predators are very real, often very smart, and extremely diligent in their pursuit of children to abuse. Far too often, many parents neglect to discuss the perils of online child predators with their kids. This is very dangerous as human trafficking is a very common problem in Orlando, Tampa and throughout Florida and unsupervised teenagers are particularly at risk to online child predators.

A basic common sense safety tip is to remember that social media access is not a right, but a privilege that you allow. Also, your child should never have a social media account that you do not have full access to. Parents need to have all log-in info and check the accounts regularly. And always take a few minutes to check your child’s cell phone activity. If help is needed recovering deleted texts, as private investigators our digital forensic specialists can help recover any deleted data on a phone or computer to ensure you child’s safety..

Security from Online Child Predators

Consider having a private investigator look into any suspicious activity on your behalf that you are unable to identify on your own. Remember online child predators often pose as children and have very realistic and convincing profiles!

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As licensed Orlando private investigators, we can help you to discreetly monitor your child’s online social media activities, phone, texting  and browsing history, even if they have deleted the content or used “Private Browsing”. It is essential to know if your child is at risk or has been in contact with an online child predator.

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Make sure your kids are educated on the dangers of online activity and online child predators. Remember many online child predators pose as children online and can be very convincing. Many kids have no idea they are communicating with an adult!

If you have any questions, investigative needs or if you need to have a confidential consultation regarding a suspected online child predator or if you just need to keep a better eyes on your teen’s online activity, you can call or text me at 407-900-4972 (Orlando Private Investigator) or email us at [email protected]

By: Matt Aubin

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Matt is both the company founder and a nationally renowned private investigator. Matt is an intelligence specialist who excels in detecting and preventing the illegal interception of communications and in providing high-tech covert surveillance. Matt has years of hands on experience in the investigation industry and has developed a reputation for incorporating state of the art technology and innovative ideas to provide effective solutions for his clients. Matt also serves as Treasurer for the Executive Board of Directors of FALI, The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators.

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