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Online Romance Scams

As an Orlando Private Investigator, we get calls every single week from people who have either been taken for a large sum of money in an Online Romance Scam. Many of these online romance scams are for over $200,000! The interesting thing is, most of these victims are highly intelligent and successful women who often make major financial decisions in their professional lives every single day. So how do they fall victim of on Online Romance Scam? The fact is, these people are professional criminals! Online Romance Scams are their job, their career and their primary source of income and they are very good at it. Most of them have generated 7 figure incomes from conducting these Online Romance Scams. They have iron clad cover stories including complex details about work, family and childhood. Not to mention, they have virtually limitless financial resources.

Catching The Criminal

If you have fallen victim to an Online Romance Scam please understand that it is nothing to be embarrassed of. The most important thing is that if you are going to pursue this, you will need to do it sooner rather than later because these sophisticated professionals will wipe their tracks clean and delete all of the evidence if given the chance. As Private Investigators we can often identify certain entry points to be able to lead us to the culprit and help you bring them to justice. In some cases, we can even help recover the lost funds. Every case is different but we can provide a preliminary evaluation to determine the probability and the resources it will take to catch the criminal behind the Online Romance Scam.

Preventing an Online Romance Scam

Ideally you want to catch identify an Online Romance Scam before it’s too late. Like any other Cyber Crime, there are always certain indicators. One of the most common warning signs of an Online Romance Scam is when they tell you they were “Born in a Foreign Country”, often on a military base.  This is a common excuse for why you can’t seem to find any official records on them. The Fact is, wherever they were born, if they have a Social Security Number or even just live in the US or have lived in the US, as a Licensed Private Investigator, we have security clearance to access law enforcement databases which can identify ANYONE who lives in the United States with enough identifiable information.

Another common warning sign Online Romance Scam is when the person is allegedly in the Military or works overseas. This one actually sickens me because these thieves are stealing earned credibility from our soldiers and using it to conduct these online romance scams. But the science behind it is because when people live and work overseas, it is a plausible explanation for you not being able to come up with certain information about them.

Aside from those indicators, most of the calls we get simply tell us they have a “gut feeling” and just want to make sure they aren’t dating some wierdo who either wants to steal their money or take advantage of them in some other way. If it seems too good to be true, it often is! The easiest, cheapest and most effective way to be 100% sure is to have a licensed Private Investigator conduct a thorough Background Check to verify the subject’s true identity. Do not use an online site… use a licensed Private Investigator, that is the only way to know 100%.

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By: Matt Aubin

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