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Is Your Phone Tapped?

Cell phones and land lines have advanced a lot over the last few years and the ability to answer the question “Is your phone tapped” is something that normally requires expert testing and diagnostics that only a few companies in the united states (including ours) are able to perform.

Is your Cell Phone Tapped?:

Basic indicators can include unexplained disruptions in service or recurring abnormal sounds and frequencies. These are common signs that your cell phone is experiencing an unknown interference and could be a sign that there is an interception of your conversations and messaging. Unfortunately to to the advances in modern spyware, to verify if the phone is tapped requires expert diagnostics. Further diagnostics would include conducting digital forensics exam on your phone which requires our experts to take your phone back to our lab and run tests on it for a few days. At the conclusion of the digital forensics exam our investigators van verify if the phone has been accessed from an unauthorized outside source.

Is your Land Line Phone Tapped?:

Similar to the signs that a cell phone is tapped, unexplained disruptions or abnormal frequencies can signify that there in some time of device in place. However on modern digital & fiber optic lines, identifying interception of you phone conversations can be a lot tougher to diagnose and may not exhibit any of the traditional signs. The only way to verify 100% is to conduct an electronic countermeasures sweep of the phone system. Our countermeasures sweep dissects the electronic and radio frequency of the phone line allowing us to determine if the phone tapped and pin point the source of the interception so that we can permanently disable it.

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Is your Phone Tapped?


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Matt is both the company founder and a nationally renowned private investigator. Matt is an intelligence specialist who excels in detecting and preventing the illegal interception of communications and in providing high-tech covert surveillance. Matt has years of hands on experience in the investigation industry and has developed a reputation for incorporating state of the art technology and innovative ideas to provide effective solutions for his clients. Matt also serves as Treasurer for the Executive Board of Directors of FALI, The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators.

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