Life sometimes brings us surprising and unforeseen turns in situations that we are unable to deal with on our own. We suspect the spouse of cheating, the employee’s cooperation with a competitor, or we are trying to recover a debt from a friend effectively. In cases like this, establishing collaboration with a private detective may be extremely helpful. However, how do we check the professionalism and credibility of a private investigator agency while comparing the cost of services? What is the average price of a private investigator in Orlando, Florida?

What is a private investigator?

When we think of a private investigator, most of us imagine a mysterious gentleman in a trench coat, a magnifying glass in his pocket, and a pipe in his mouth. Perhaps this imaginary man is seated comfortably in an armchair and, like Sherlock Holmes, he solves puzzles by means of deduction and logic. Or, on the contrary, he lurks in a pile of leaves with binoculars, waiting for his target to make a mistake.

Yes, both of these images are firmly grounded in pop culture, and more importantly, both represent different aspects of a private investigator’s nature of work. These mainstream ideas are presented in a simplified way, mainly due to technological advancements, the wilderness of the internet, and emerging cyber threats.

A private investigator is a freelance or agency detective, preferably properly trained with adequate background, hired by individuals or groups to carry out investigations on their behalf. Issues related to law services, family matters, missing persons, and other criminal and civil cases can all be tackled by an experienced private investigator equipped with a sixth sense.

What is the national average cost of a private investigator?

Conventionally, private investigators charge an hourly rate for the services they provide, which may be influenced by current fuel costs. Hourly fees are essentially practical when the investigators run surveillance assignments for an unpredictable period. The average price of a PI varies from platform to platform and study to study:

  • As claimed by Angie’s List, the cost of a private investigator is $50 per hour in the United States.
  • Thumbtack’s study gives a standard rate of $70 per hour.
  • Trustify claims the average cost of a private investigator in the United States is between $40 and $200 per hour, which is often determined by the technicality and perplexity of the case.

A flat fee may be offered by an agency, starting at approximately $250 and ranging to thousands of dollars. The price highly depends on your location. For instance, a specific service costing $250 in a rural area may cost you $700 in a big metropolitan city.

What is the cost of a private investigator in Orlando, Florida?

Finding a private investigator in Orlando, Florida, requires great skill or finesse and a lot of research on your part. That includes determining the agency’s or investigator’s qualifications, background, accomplishments, and overall competence, which without authentic former customer testimonials, can be tricky.

With that in mind, how much should I prepare to pay for the services of a private investigator in the Orlando area?

On average, you may be expected to pay anywhere from $50 to around $75 per hour for a private investigator in Orlando. Keep in mind that the cost may go up depending on your specific case and circumstances, and provided that the investigation may take hours or weeks to complete, that seemingly low hourly rate can often turn out to be above the budget.

While searching for a reputable investigator, be aware that the cost of their services cannot be the primary criterion for your choice. If you expect reliable evidence preparation by an investigator and satisfactory results, you will need to pay accordingly. The rates of the experienced investigators located within the same area should be at a similar level. Do your research, find out how the provided services are valued. Professional private investigators compete with quality, never with the price. Hence the attractively low rate should increase your vigilance as PIs without prior experience, or the so-called pseudo-investigators may try to attract customers with their low cost.

Southern Recon Agency

Our Sherlocks deal with orders both in the field of family matters (affairs, missing persons, child custody), tracking people and property, or securing business. Our experts possess an innate ability to think logically and strategically. Each investigation is preceded by a conversation with a client, during which they reveal the details of the case and all essential information that can help in developing an action strategy. We tie together many facts that sometimes have very significant gaps. Matching the approach to the specificity of the case plays a vital role in executing the order.

Our perceptiveness is the standard of our work. We are trained to notice something that may be irrelevant to others. Every missing piece in an investigative puzzle can be crucial for the outcome. Any omissions may result in the failure of the task.

An ideal private investigator has the ability to make quick but effective decisions. More often than not, there is no time to think or question our choices, promoting rapid action without being afraid of potential risks. It takes a lot of courage to make meaningful decisions in stressful moments.