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Surveillance Countermeasures

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Southern Recon Agency is a highly trained Technical Surveillance Countermeasures firm specializing in providing advanced detection of electronic eavesdropping and corporate espionage for businesses and individuals nationwide. Equipped with the government level Technical Surveillance Countermeasures equipment, our licensed professionals are qualified to handle any property from a small office building to a major warehouse, office park or high-rise. Our advanced technical surveillance countermeasures procedures are able to locate and disable even the hardest to find and state of the art, covert eavesdropping devices.

Types of Surveillance Devices

All manner of illegal audio and video bugs are being purchased on the internet and easily planted in homes, businesses and vehicles across the country. They are not only capable of stealing your propriety business information, but also rob you of your most  personal information and privacy as well. Countless companies and individuals have been a victim this type of illegal intrusion. Our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures sweeps will discover:

  • Wiretap Devices
  • Phone Taps
  • Covert Video Cameras
  • Vehicle GPS Satellite Tracking Devices
  • Covert Audio “Bugs”
  • Audio Transmitting and Recording Devices
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Florida Bug Sweeps & Debugging

Today’s economy has become increasingly complex and challenging. Corporate espionage, industry sabotage, litigation, trade secrets, disgruntled employees and intellectual property theft have never been more common. These are among the most common reasons a business or office could be “bugged.” Illegal surreptitious devices are virtually impossible to discover without both the essential technical surveillance countermeasures equipment and expertise. Some parasitic audio devices can  be hidden inside your walls, ventilation systems and actually capture audio through glass windows via laser. Covert devices can range from a hidden GPS to simple tap on your phone or even a virtually undetectable audio/video system capturing and recording every movement and conversation in your home or business.

Counter Espionage Professionals

SRA will conduct a detailed, comprehensive physical search of the building and vehicle to manually discover any covert eavesdropping devices. Our investigators then perform a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures sweep (TSCM) using the latest state-of-the-art, technologically advanced equipment including:

  • RF, VLF, UHF and AM/FM Scanners
  • Infra-Red Scanners
  • Frequency Spectrum Analyzers
  • Network Protocol Analyzers
  • Bluetooth Detectors
  • Rogue WiFi Detectors
  • Telephone Line Analyzers
  • Hidden Camera Detectors
  • Carrier Current Analyzers
  • Electronic Voltage Analyzers
  • Countermeasures Amplifiers
  • Non-Linear Junction Detectors

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

The reality is there are only a select few qualified professionals in Florida using state of the art technical surveillance countermeasures equipment along with the proper licensing and training to reliably determine the presence of all types of covert recording devices. SRA, Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is honored to be one of the few companies with the proper technical surveillance countermeasures equipment and the qualified experts essential to getting the job done! Most importantly, our equipment is nothing more than tools we use to assist our professionals in the field. Only a certified technical surveillance countermeasures specialist can possess the training, skills, and experience to find a surreptitious device and remove it.

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Florida Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Experts

At SRA, we know every case is different and every Technical Surveillance Countermeasures sweep is customized to meet the needs of your situation. Regardless of how unique or difficult, if you have questions or concerns about the security of your business, office or warehouse in Orlando or anywhere in the state of Florida, SRA has the specialized equipment and the technical surveillance countermeasures experience to professionally handle your case. For a free consultation or to get started right away call us at 407-900-4972 (Orlando) or 813-373-4181 (Tampa)

844-307-7771 or 407-502-5225


Southern Recon Agency is a licensed Private Investigation Agency based in Orlando and serving all of Florida, License # A-1400197

For a free consultation with a Licensed Private Investigator or to get started right away call us at 844-307-7771 or 407-502-5225 or email us at [email protected].