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4 Signs Of Teen Drug Use

As an Orlando Private Investigator, we get calls all the time from concerned parents wanting to know how to identify teen drug use. Many national studies that have surveyed high school students found that somewhere between 60-80 percent of students have access to drugs or know exactly where to go to get it. Common drugs include Marijuana, Vicodin, OxyContin, Valium, Molly/MDMA, Heroin, Cocaine, and much more. Knowing these 4 signs and you’ll have a better chance of identifying teen drug use.

Changes In Mood

Does your teen seem to have abnormal mood fluctuations? Why were they happy at one minute and then sad or angry the very next? Now all of a sudden their happy again? Rapid mood swings within a short amount of time can be tied to all sorts of drugs. If your teen is using drugs, their personality is going to be significantly different than what you are used to!

Odd Odors

Does their car smell like smoke but you never find cigarettes? Does their room smell abnormal but it was just cleaned? Marijuana has a very distinct smell and you should know what unburnt and burnt Marijuana smells like. Check with your local law enforcement agency to see if they have drug education programs that would legally expose you to specific odors tied to drugs. Some law enforcement agencies have been known to distribute “Cannabis Scratch and Sniff” cards to help parents identify teen drug use.

The Eyes

Bloodshot eyes usually indicate Marijuana usage. Other things to look for in eyes are: dilated pupils, are they always looking down, do they always wear sunglasses in doors? Try to make eye contact as much as you can with your teen. If your teen is using drugs, they’re going to keep eye contact to a very minimum.

Their Room

This one may be tricky if you are not sure of what to look for. Look at examples of everyday household items being turned into “hidden safes” on the internet. Everything from a soda bottle to an alarm clock or even a picture frame can be turned into a hidden compartment. If you want to make sure that their room is searched thoroughly, you can call a private investigator that is trained in conducting bug sweeps. We can apply the same search methods for hidden covert audio and video to finding hidden drugs. If your teen is using drugs and hiding it in your home, they won’t be able to hid it from us.

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By: Peter Nguyen

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