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The Art of Surveillance

Southern Recon Agency has spent years developing one of the finest, elite Surveillance Teams in the world. Surveillance is definitely both an Art and a Developed Skill. Now we are not talking about installing CCTV cameras or some retired cop sitting in his car with a camera! I’m not talking about some bystander holding a cell phone either (although a cell phone can be a useful surveillance tool in a pinch, hence the picture above). But we are talking about using Surveillance to gather world class intelligence and accurate facts that could not be obtained through any other method! So here are some basic Surveillance Tips from our own expert Private Investigators that we have worked with over the years:

Surveillance = Coverage

Another word we use for Surveillance is Coverage. Which makes me think about playing defense in high school sports like football or basketball. Your defense or coverage was determined by the threats that the offense posed and the resources the defense had to stop it. Some defenses require a man to man while others require a zone. Man to man coverage is used when you have superior abilities over the opposition, otherwise you have to use a zone which forces the opposition to work a lot harder to get across the goal line. In terms of Surveillance, this means that you have to first gather reliable intelligence on your target to know how to set up adequate coverage. Then based upon the resources and the talent of your Surveillance team, you can devise a strategy to begin the investigation.

Experience + Equipment

One of the best Surveillance Tips I have ever heard was about the unique combination of an experienced and knowledgeable Private Investigator equipped with the finest gear available. There is no guess work involved when working with experienced investigators and the margin for error is reduced to nearly nothing when you factor in the use of the most reliable and advanced equipment on the planet. You are only as good as your tools, and the tools are only as good as the person using them!

Intuition > Education

Out of all the Surveillance Tips and strategies that I have learned from Expert Private Investigators in my career that I considered while writing this, I think the most important is that nothing can be done unless every single Private Investigator working the Surveillance has natural investigative intuition. An inherent ability adapt to any obstacle or condition while combining the use of state of the art technology, espionage, stalking, advanced driving, research and situational awareness to produce high level intelligence and indisputable evidence from the field, on the fly without missing a second of valuable footage. It’s not something that can be taught or trained but out of all of the Surveillance strategies and tactics that we have gathered, intuition is unanimously the most important.

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By: Matt Aubin

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Surveillance Tips from Expert Private Investigators

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