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The Best Private Investigators in Orlando

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The Best Private Investigators in Orlando

What makes our investigation agency the The Best Private Investigators in Orlando? For starters, we simply hire and train the best private investigators in Orlando to work on our team. Southern Recon Agency has one of the top proprietary private investigative training programs in the country. To be the best private investigators they have to learn from the best private investigators and we bring in some of the top investigators from around the world to work one on one with our developing staff. Also, we figured out that the best private investigators need to have access to the best equipment and technology. So that is what we use. In addition to looking for the best private investigators, we only hire the right private investigators! Every person on our team adheres to our strict moral, ethical and legal guidelines at all times.

What Makes Our Investigators Different?

We do not take every case that walks through the door. We are a specialty, botique firm that consistently produces high quality results for our clients. We are not a “Jack of all trades but a master of none” firm nor are we a bunch a retirees looking for something to do in our spare time. Every private investigator at SRA is a specialist in their given area of expertise and can ONLY work on assignments within their field. For example, Surveillance Investigators to not work in Cyber Crimes. To become the Best Private Investigators we have to specialize. Having a team of highly trained specialists each working in their own area of private investigative expertise is one of the main reasons we are considered the best private investigators in Orlando by both our colleagues and customers. Furthermore, having the best private investigators working as specialists in house means that we can we keep our pricing competitive and affordable, while providing a superior work product.

A final component to being the best private investigators in Orlando Private Investigator is our ability customize your investigation to meet your needs and your budget. Regardless of how unique or difficult your circumstances may seem, Southern Recon Agency has the tools and experience to professionally handle your Orlando private investigations. Lastly, If we evaluate your case and decide that we aren’t the best private investigators in Orlando for your particular case, we will gladly refer you to the team that would best suit your needs!

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By: Matt Aubin

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About the Author:

Matt is both the company founder and a nationally renowned private investigator. Matt is an intelligence specialist who excels in detecting and preventing the illegal interception of communications and in providing high-tech covert surveillance. Matt has years of hands on experience in the investigation industry and has developed a reputation for incorporating state of the art technology and innovative ideas to provide effective solutions for his clients. Matt also serves as Treasurer for the Executive Board of Directors of FALI, The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators.

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