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Missing Person Investigations

Over the years our Intelligence gathering team has really excelled at the increasingly difficult task of Tracking Down Missing People. Regardless of the circumstances or conditions that lead to the person going missing or in most cases lead to them not wanting to be found, our team of professionals is one of the best in the country at Tracking Down Missing People.

Finding people that take great measures and precautions to not be found is truly an acquired skill. Aliases, unreliable or nonexistent paper trails, flagrancy and untraceable phones and emails are just the beginning of an ongoing list of conditions make tracking down missing people a highly specialized art. In some cases all we have is a name and/or photo. Lets just say you wont be finding that person on some cheesy website search!

Tracking Down Missing People | Florida

Our team uses a unique and proprietary combination of sate-of-the-art technical intelligence gathering combined with high-level human intelligence (HUMINT) in tracking down missing people who otherwise would have never been found! There is no magic button and there certainly is no shortcut when it comes to tracking down missing people. It takes advanced technology, deep digging, boots on the ground investigations all conducted by seasoned private investigators with proven and successful track records when it comes to tracking down missing people.

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Tracking down Missing People is not always a clear or direct path. Information, facts and evidence are not always easily available and it requires a skillful team of seasoned private investigators with the experience, resources and technology to successfully locate and track down tough to find missing persons.

Missing Person Investigators | Private Investigator Orlando

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