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If you are contemplating a new partnership, joint venture, merger, or corporate restructure in Orlando, Tampa or anywhere in Florida, you need to consider the benefits of a due diligence investigation. In today’s challenging economy and the resulting delicate business environment, timely, accurate and professional intelligence isn’t merely an option…it’s an absolute necessity. Due diligence essentially describes a duty to exercise care in investigating and evaluating any business opportunity no matter how small or large it might be.

It is also important because of the possibility of a third party lawsuit against your business and you individually for failing to properly conduct due diligence. In our litigious society, parties involved in a business transaction may ultimately find themselves being sued by clients, investors, customers, employees, suppliers or other third party claimants. Lawsuits can be based on a failure to conduct proper due diligence, or the pursuit of liability for what was either overlooked or incorrectly assessed because of a poorly performed due diligence investigation. At SRA, we have an in-house practicing attorney with more than 18 years of legal experience who is also a licensed private investigator. Under his guidance, we know exactly what to look for and where. No other investigative agency can offer the advantage of investigators with more than 50 years of combined experience and a full time “investigative attorney”.

From an Orlando private investigator’s perspective, what is a due diligence investigation? It is a process utilized to assess the character, integrity and reputation, both private and professional, of potential business or investment partners. It typically also involves any “key” players that may be involved in a venture before the client commits to a substantial financial investment.

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Thorough due diligence investigations protect your current and future intellectual property as well as your business reputation. Failure to adequately perform your due diligence obligations and charge ahead into a new business deal is fraught with danger. You can never be 100% guaranteed that your business relationships will work out as expected. However, a professionally performed due diligence investigation coordinated by our “investigative attorney” can provide the critical information necessary to ensure a beneficial, rather than a detrimental business deal.


There is a wide range of information that is sought out including personal and business information on each party to a potential business enterprise. Some of the areas include:

  • Comprehensive national civil and criminal case history
  • Individual personal asset searches and complete financial history
  • Judgments, judgment liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, Federal Tax Liens
  • Regulatory records, business and professional licenses
  • Corporate affiliations, sex offender registries, driving history
  • Credit history (with proper authorization)
  • Undisclosed corporate ownership
  • SEC, OSHA, IRS and other governmental actions
  • Reputation: corporate, competitors, and customers

The results of our investigations often reveal issues that can affect your decision regarding whether to enter into a new business relationship. Some common issues include:
Misrepresentations and omissions of employment history;

  • Falsified educational degree information
  • Financial difficulties such as foreclosures, bankruptcies or liens
  • Lawsuits including claims for fraud, harassment and employment discrimination
  • Governmental regulatory issues
  • Past criminal issues including DUI, drug possession and domestic violence
  • A history of litigiousness with former employers and business associates
  • A trail of failed businesses or companies

SRA conducts comprehensive due diligence investigations specifically directed towards the background of all proposed management and other key personnel. Our investigations are discrete, confidential, and affordable and always conducted in a covert manner within all legal and ethical parameters.
The modern business world is becoming increasingly complex at all levels. The old adage “knowledge is power” has never been more accurate than it is today. The end goal of conducting a due diligence investigation is to gather comprehensive, accurate intelligence so that you can make the most informed, sound and cogent business decisions possible.

Written by:
Mark J. Aubin, J.D., Investigative Attorney

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